A quick tour of Forest Lake Christian School reveals a well-managed school facility where a feeling of calm and security pervades. The campuses and our rural surroundings provide a peaceful environment. However, frightening events are part of the routine we experience in the news each and every day. Schools must not be lulled into complacency regarding student safety, as no community is exempt from the possibility of random or planned violence. Forest Lake Christian School is aware of the threats that exist in our world and makes every effort to keep its students safe.

Several years ago, security cameras were installed throughout our South Campus to keep a watchful eye on our driveways, parking lots, building entrances, hallways and common areas. These cameras provide a live video stream into administrative offices and ensure that the school is alerted to any visitors or intruders that arrive on campus. All routine activities are monitored each day and are recorded for safety. All visitors must check into school offices and with approval are provided with a visitor pass to wear so that the integrity of our closed campus is retained.

In addition, Forest Lake Christian School also maintains a comprehensive school-wide safety plan in the event of a crisis situation.

If you have any questions, please contact the school administration.