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Elementary School Information

Forest Lake Christian Elementary School integrates Christian principles into every aspect of the curriculum. Students gain a solid foundation of learning skills along with strong moral values and positive character qualities. The curriculum, credentialed teachers, and caring environment provide an excellent atmosphere where children are able to reach their greatest potential. 

Parents are viewed as partners in the educational process. Frequent communication, as well as parent-teacher conferences each semester, foster opportunities to collaborate.  Parents are encouraged be involved in their children’s education by volunteering in the classroom and engaging in school activities. 

Opportunities such as the Association of Christian School’s Spelling Bee, Speech Meet, and Math Olympics as well as our Christmas program, Grandparents Day, piano lessons, and Falconville enrich the experience for children and their families. The scenic campus with large grass playing fields, gym and playgrounds offers a safe place for children to play and interact with their peers.  Teamwork, positive interactions, healthy friendships and fun are encouraged as students learn and grow in a peaceful, safe environment. 


The elementary curriculum is multifaceted to cover not only core subjects but also enrichment programs and activities.  Grade level bench marks have been developed and implemented that exceed state standards.  Forest Lake Christian School has chosen not to adopt the Common Core Standards, but our curriculum is evaluated in light of these standards to ensure that students are well prepared with critical thinking skills.  The curriculum is designed to develop the whole student academically, socially and physically.

Bible – Daily Bible classes with discussions are conducted from a non-denominational viewpoint.  The relevance of the Bible to the students’ daily lives is constantly demonstrated.  Students grow their roots deep in Christ and are taught the moral precepts of the Bible not only in class, but also throughout the day in every endeavor.

English, Grammar and Reading – It is essential that all students are equipped with reading skills therefore a phonetic approach to reading is emphasized in the lower elementary grades. In grades TK through third, our students are learning to read. In grades 4th and above, our students read to learn. Becoming a fluent and skillful reader requires extensive engagement with the English language, including understanding the sounds and symbols that make up language, hearing and talking about stories and events, and connecting words with ideas to express in writing and speaking.  Reading materials that are designed to be character building, have literary value, and are patriotic in nature are selected for all grade levels.  Weekly library time allows students to check out and enjoy a variety of wholesome literature. Elements of English grammar and usage for spoken and written language are also emphasized in the curriculum. Speaking and writing in complete sentences, singular and plural subjects and verbs, punctuation, and parts of speech are mastered.

Spelling and Writing – Spelling is taught in a sequential phonetic program and vocabulary is included in weekly review and quizzes.  Oral as well as written spelling is introduced in the early grades.  Composition and writing is introduced in the early grades and each student had the opportunity to organize thoughts and present them in written form.  Cursive writing is taught in the third grade. Beginning in the third and fourth grades, students learn to diagram the entire sentence structure for both simple and complex sentences.  The fifth and sixth grade curriculum instructs students in essay writing and the various components of a successful essay. 

History and Geography– Our rich American heritage and the history of the ages from a Judeo-Christian perspective is emphasized.  Patriotism and appreciation for the Christian foundations of the United States is developed throughout the grade levels.  A study of missions and an appreciation of various cultures throughout the world is encouraged.  Projects such as the California missions and study of a particular country are highlighted in various grade levels.  Geography is also emphasized and in third grade students learn the names of the states and capitals of the united States. Students also learn the names and cultural backgrounds of countries throughout the world.   Map reading and geography skills are learned at each grade level. 

Computers – A dedicated computer lab and technology curriculum is part of the elementary school program.  Classes have scheduled computer time with instruction appropriate to the grade level. Students in first through 4th grade learn general computer skills. Students in fifth and sixth grade focus on using the computer as a word processor as part of their writing program.

Mathematics – Benchmarks for each grade level include conceptual understanding of key ideas and memorization of mathematical functions to give students the knowledge and skills to be prepared for mathematics at each grade level, in college, in career, and for life.  Learning math content, using math to solve problems, and demonstrating abstract ideas through the use of manipulatives allows students to develop habits that foster memory and understanding of mathematical concepts. 

Physical Education – Daily instruction from a physical education teacher is included in the curriculum.  The program begins with organized exercise, coordination, and playground

activities for the lower grades.  Exercising, body coordination skills, and instruction in the rules and skills for a variety of sports is introduced in the upper grade levels.

Science – The curriculum teaches science from a Biblical creationist viewpoint.  Understanding the scientific method and hands-on science experiences are emphasized throughout the curriculum.  Projects, labs, and special events such as a nighttime astronomy lesson add variety engage students in the learning process. 

Dress Code

PURPOSE: The purpose of our dress code is to encourage modest, neat, clean and appropriate dress to promote a positive learning environment.


Parents are expected to exercise wisdom in the choices of their children’s attire for school days and school functions. In addition, they are to actively monitor their student’s appearance each morning.


If a student arrives at school in violation of the dress code, he/she will be given the option of wearing articles of clothing provided by the school, or he/she may call a parent to bring appropriate clothing.


The overall appearance of students should be neat and clean.


Logos or pictures on clothing must be positive and support the goals of FLCS.


Hair is to remain its natural color, without streaks or highlights.


Shoes will be worn at all times and have a back strap. Heels should not prevent student participation in any school activity.


Shoes with wheels will not be permitted.


Shoes that lace must be laced and tied securely.


Body piercing (other than for earrings) and tattoos of any kind are not permitted.




Dresses and skirts are to be modest, loose fitting, and no shorter than four inches from the floor when kneeling.


Slits in dresses or skirts also should not exceed four inches above the knee.


Blouses/shirts are to be loose fitting and must cover the midriff, even when arms are raised.


Shoulder straps must be at least two inches in width.


The neckline of blouses and shirts should be modest and not revealing.


Long pants, capris, or shorts may be worn every day except Wednesday. Pants are to be loose-fitting, without frayed hems or holes. Shorts should not exceed four inches above the knee.


Leggings or stretch pants may only be worn under dresses of the correct length. They are not pants.


Pajama bottoms or sweatpants are not school attire.


Earrings/jewelry should be kept at a minimum with one small post-style earring only in the lower lobe.


Clear lip gloss may be worn; however, make up is reserved for junior and senior high school girls.




Knit sport shirts with collars or T-shirts with sleeves covering the shoulder and upper arm are appropriate school attire. Tank tops or plain white cotton undershirts are not appropriate.


Pants are to be worn at the natural waistline, not low on the hips.


Shorts must have a hem and be no longer than the bottom of the kneecap.


Hair must be off the collar, above the ears and eyebrows and neatly trimmed and combed at all times.


Hats may only be worn outdoors, facing forward.


Boys may not wear jewelry.



 All students are required to dress in “chapel dress” each Wednesday.


Girls are to wear dress/skirts and tops as described above.


Boys are to wear long pants (not jeans) and a collared shirt.

TK & Kindergarten Program

Our goal in Transitional Kindergarten (TK) and Kindergarten is to create an interactive learning experience for young children that enables them to thrive spiritually, academically, socially, and emotionally. Having personally experienced God’s amazing love and grace in our own lives, we deeply desire for our students to experience this as they spend time in our classrooms.

We craft learning experiences that are hands-on and reach children with all learning modalities. No matter what concept your child is exploring, God is always at the center. Your child will grow in so much more than just academics.

While they are separate classes, TK (meets all day Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and Kindergarten (all day Monday-Friday) are interconnected to meet the needs of all learners. Children engage in small-group differentiated instruction in both language arts and math. The children enjoy learning collaboratively about God through scientific exploration of the world He created and investigations of people and historical events that He has used to shape our nation. Children also will have the opportunity to begin learning Spanish and sign language through singing and interactive games. Art and music are integrated into our daily learning activities.

Our passion as teachers is to inspire a love of Jesus and that will be transformative in this next generation of world-changers. We desire that they will begin to reflect His character as they grow in Christ. The culture of our classrooms is service-minded and filled with love and joy.

We would love to get to know you and your child and answer any questions you may have as you prayerfully consider the investment of a Christian education. Please contact the elementary office to schedule a time to meet.


Exceptionality Program

The Exceptionality Program is designed to assist students who may be behind or struggling with learning challenges to succeed in school.  Specialists assess and individually tutor students to give them tools and strategies to be successful in the classroom.  The goal of this program is to enable students to achieve academically and gain confidence.  There are additional fees for students who are enrolled in this program.