Core Values define what students should know, be able to do, and understand by the time they graduate from Forest Lake Christian School. Upon graduation, it is our goal that students will be able to integrate Biblical truth into their lives and understand and articulate a Christian Biblical worldview.

Faithful Christian – Students will integrate Biblical principles into their lives which provide a foundation for moral and spiritual living as evidenced by the ability to:

  • identify and use Biblical passages, principles and examples which relate to life situations and issues;
  • construct a reasoned defense of a position or course of action in order to respond Biblically to a situation or issue; and
  • understand Christian and other worldviews in order to develop a personal philosophy that effectively communicates their worldview;
  • view themselves as unique products of God’s creation and recognize their body as the wonderful vehicle of their personalities and the intended dwelling place of the Holy Spirit;

Learner – Students will demonstrate academic achievement as evidenced by the ability to:

  • master curriculum goals throughout various disciplines and cultivate a healthy appetite for learning;
  • apply Christian truths which provide principles for interpreting facts and the study of all subject matter;
  • create quality intellectual, artistic, practical, and physical products; and
  • research, document, and express thoughts clearly in oral, aural, written and technological communication.

Critical Thinker – Students will demonstrate logical and effective decision-making and communication skills as evidenced by the ability to:

  • apply critical thinking skills to solve problems logically and creatively knowing that God is a God of order;
  • identify, assess, analyze, integrate, and use available resources and information;
  • construct a deductive and inductive line of reasoning from premise and worldview to conclusion;
  • write a logical, coherent essay that clearly follows a task, applies the rules of grammar, has a logical structure, and includes support for an opinion.

Self-disciplined Individual – Students will develop and maintain healthy spiritual, physical, mental, and social well being by demonstrating the ability to:

  • practice Biblical principles in dealing with others and acting in an ethical and responsible manner;
  • exhibit self-discipline and accept individual and group responsibility;
  • listen effectively and follow instructions while maintaining a high level of productivity and safety in a variety of environments; and
  • develop servant-leadership qualities which will equip them for life and service for Jesus Christ.