Worship Arts


worship_arts_1_smAt Forest Lake, the students enjoy worshiping God together and get to share in worship during bible classes, student led studies, times of fellowship, and during weekly chapel. Students come out of the wood-work and uncover their God-given gifts to lead their friends in worship. For those students who want to develop these gifts to higher levels, we offer a Worship Arts class. In this class students are mentored in cultivating their gift in order to serve in churches, on the mission field, and in weekly chapel services.

worship_arts_2_smWorship Arts focuses on three main areas. First, we strive to develop a servant heart in support of the needs of the pastor or congregation. We emphasize that worship is not about the “band” but is about providing a venue for God’s children to connect with Him under the direction of the pastor. Next we focus on spiritual growth with regards to the significance of worship and a real appreciation and reality of God in our lives and in our worship. Finally, we work on developing musical and technical competence to foster a distraction free environment for worshipers. We develop students in music and voice, in visual media, and in sound technology in order to deliver an environment where the congregation’s attention is not drawn to the music, sound, or projected lyrics, but those elements work in concert to put the worshiper’s mind on Christ alone.

Our prayer is that students will be equipped to serve the body of Christ in the future by developing them through serving the body of Christ today.