Forest Lake choirs have a great history of excellence and continue to glorify God through music. We develop students vocally and musically over the course of their time at Forest Lake. Elementary students all participate in choir and as the grow into Junior High and High School, many choose to continue developing musically through elective choirs.

Junior High choir introduces students to music theory and develops them to participate in Christmas and spring concerts. Additionally, they partner with other choirs in the surrounding area during “Musicale”, where they become part of a large choir often consisting of several hundred junior high vocal participants. Finally, students take a day trip in the spring to compete and be evaluated by master adjudicators who provide useful feedback for continued improvement as a choir.

Most Junior High choir participants continue their choir pursuits into their high school years. At this level a stronger emphasis is placed on music theory to equip students to interpret complex pieces of music and even sight-read in their later years in choir. Concert and Chamber choirs are often invited to perform in the surrounding areas including the state capitol. They have blessed the local community in retirement homes, churches, luncheons, and Forest Lake concerts during Christmas and spring. They have traveled to Carnegie Hall, Arlington Cemetery, Canada, and Hawaii.

One of the major highlights for high school choir students is the annual spring trip. During this trip students are taken for several days, often to Disneyland, where they compete and are adjudicated by world-class directors who provide useful advice to improve. Additionally, the choirs visit a university choir department where university directors invest valuable time developing the choir’s confidence and overall ability. This is always an awesome way to end the year and generates renewed excitement for subsequent years. It is a great time!

choir_1_smChoir is challenging, hard work. But when songs start coming together, it is extremely satisfying and rewarding. It is a ton of fun!